Migga Falett – host in Bergün for Swiss Tavolata:

What is your relationship with the World Heritage of the Rhaetian Railway?
„Da bin i dahei!“ (here I am at home!) I am proud of the work of art that was built here 100 years ago with its numerous viaducts, helicoidal galleries in the beautiful landscape and I admire the courage with which the pioneers completed this work with simple means. 

What's your favorite place? Can you tell us some secrets?
There are beautiful hiking trails that follow the railway line or cross it several times, we cultivate some meadows along the way and I like to watch the passage of trains. A nice place is the abandoned railway station of Stuls, which is located along the railway line, but no train stops there anymore. It is in the middle of the forest, abandoned like a stone by the side of the road.

What is the best time to visit the site and why?
In winter, the Rhaetian Railway takes you to Preda and then you can sled down to the special track. In the evening, it is very special to dart down the illuminated track. In summer you can see the train that passes during the hikes or you can see it winding through the valley from above. Throughout the year, you can see the photographers standing along the entire route, waiting for the best time to take the perfect picture.

What activities do you recommend on the UNESCO site?
Particularly recommended is a visit to the railway museum, with its very exciting design. A very special experience is also to watch from the village of Latsch in the evening hours the illuminated train that runs through the valley, disappears into a tunnel and reappears on the other side of the valley.

December 2016 (translated from German)

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