«World Heritage Experience Switzerland» (WHES) is the umbrella organisation for the network of UNESCO World Heritage sites and UNESCO biosphere reserves in Switzerland.

WHES works in partnership with tourist organisations and the Swiss UNESCO Commission to promote and coordinate high-quality, unique experiences. This helps to ensure sustainable development of the universal values and create added (tourist) value for the properties.

The unique experiences build on the core values of the various UNESCO natural and cultural heritage sites and the biospheres. They are a central element in marketing. WHES works with the Swiss UNESCO Commission on promoting values and knowledge.

In the European context, WHES sets the benchmark for active networking and sustainable marketing by national members.


In addition to developing services and marketing, as the umbrella organisation for the tourist network WHES works to achieve the following:

  • to promote and preserve UNESCO values
  • to promote sustainable quality tourism
  • to raise national and international awareness of the Swiss UNESCO World Heritage properties and the biospheres
  • to represent the shared tourist interests of our members before national and international organisations