The INNOTOUR project «Premium Product 'Experience Unique Switzerland'» was implemented in 2010/2011 with the aim of strengthening the market offering of Swiss World Heritage properties and biosphere reserves. By working with ground and tour operator partners as well as public transport providers, WHES was able to develop a modular offer system and secure bookability for World Heritage properties and biosphere reserves.

In order to be able to successfully continue the development and integration of the offering via the INNOTOUR project, the inter-cantonal NRP project «Premium Product 'Experience Unique Switzerland'» was granted approval for the years 2012 – 2015. The product is characterised as follows:

  • Based on the values of UNESCO and the core values of individual UNESCO Cultural and Natural World Heritage properties, the «Premium product 'Experience unique Switzerland'» will continue to be developed and offered actively in Switzerland.
  • The offer meets high standards in respect of quality, sustainability and distinctiveness. It serves both the promotion and preservation of outstanding values, but also generates added value.
  • Within Europe, World Heritage Experience Switzerland assumes an exemplary role in the integration and marketing of its own UNESCO-listed sites and participates actively in European cooperation agreements.
  • World Heritage Experience Switzerland is known and recognised as an umbrella organisation and a «centre of excellence» in respect of World Heritage properties and biosphere reserve tourism and participates actively in the process of raising sustainable added value.
  • Individual World Heritageproperties and biosphere reserves are responsible for developing their own locale and positioning themselves as internationally-recognised places of special interest within the Swiss tourism landscape. They stand out distinctively from the competition by virtue of their offering and efforts.


The inter-cantonal NRP project «Premium Product 'Experience Unique Switzerland'» is co-financed from the federal gouvernment and the following cantons:






 Saint Gallen




Members' and marketing contributions serve to underpin the establishment and operation of the office and form a further basis for the marketing of unique, outstanding world heritage offerings.