World Heritage properties are among the most important contemporary witnesses of this planet. Many legacies are due to our ancestors. But nature has also played its part in ensuring that the World Heritage properties never cease to amaze us. Four natural and nine cultural sites throughout Switzerland have been declared UNESCO World Heritage properties. Although each site is unique in its own right, they all have one thing in common: the universal value that they share with the world community.

The discussion of UNESCO World Heritage in school curricula is an important example for children and young people to engage with our heritage - because we only want to protect what we know. Our descendants are the protagonists of the future, so education and awareness of natural and cultural heritage is crucial. This not only promotes awareness of all our heritage, but at the same time enables mutual respect, dialogue and exchange between cultures.

This platform provides educators and other stakeholders with approaches for the integration of World Heritage in the classroom.

Teaching material



This overview summarises all the educational material we know about UNESCO World Heritage in Switzerland. The filter function makes it easy to sort the results (e.g. course of study, type of teaching material). It can be accessed under: Data - Filter views - Create a new temporary filter view.

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School trips



As extracurricular places of learning, the UNESCO World Heritage properties offer exciting, surprising and educational excursions and study weeks in what are probably the most unique places in Switzerland. Be inspired by our ideas and secure your own exclusive gift.

Click here for the dossier. (currently available in German)

Explanatory videos



What characterises a UNESCO World Heritage? How many of them are there? And how does an inscription work in the first place? The new educational videos present the most important information about the UNESCO World Heritage in Switzerland in an understandable way.

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Learning by colouring



The two friends Türli and Flidari visited World Heritage properties on their journey through Switzerland and had many exciting experiences. Eleven colouring models bring the little artists closer to the World Heritage in a playful way.

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